Toast List

Before Banquet
Benedictus Benedicat
(May the Blessed One Bless)
After Banquet
Benedicto Benedicatur
(May the Blessed One be Blessed)
The Commemoration (i.e. questions before toasts)

The Toasts
The Queen and Royal Arch Masonry
The Most Excellent The First Grand Principal
His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC*
The Most Excellent Pro First Grand Principal
Peter Geoffrey Lowndes
The Most Excellent Second Grand Principal
Russell John Race
The Most Excellent Third Grand Principal
Gareth Jones, OBE
and the rest of the Grand Officers, Present and Past
The M.E. Grand Superintendent
Ian Michael Chandler
The Deputy Grand Superintendent
E Comp Richard Knox, PAGSoj
The Second Provincial Grand Principal
E. Comp. Stephen B Dingvean, PGStB
The Third Provincial Grand Principal
E. Comp. Eugene Regan, PAGDC

and the rest of the Provincial Grand Officers, Officers of other Provinces, Districts,
Metropolitan and London Grand Rank, Present and Past
The Principals
Toast to the newly Exalted Companion(s) (if any)
Toast to the Visitors (if any)
Janitor’s Toast [followed by Craft fire]

*Note: Honorifics should be omitted when proposing these toasts
[As at 23rd May 2018]

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