A Special Convocation of Lovekyn Chantry Chapter

A Special Convocation of Lovekyn Chantry Chapter

In February, Lovekyn Chantry Chapter No. 6807 welcomed one of its Honorary Members, E.Comp. Lt. Col. Denis A M Phipps, MBE, PGSupt.

Also present were E.Comps. Roy Miller, PGStdB, PProvGH, Derek Harrington, PAGSoj, PProvGJ, Stephen Dingvean, PGStB, ProvGSE and a number of other guests. The main agenda item was to call off the Chapter and receive a lecture entitled ‘The Seventh or Royal Arch Degree’. This was given in the form of a catechism by the MEZ, E.Comp. Tim Ford, and the Chapter Scribe E, E.Comp. Chris Eley, and describes the Royal Arch ritual practiced by Chapters in North America.

E.Comp. David Thompson, PGSoj, MetGI, gave the very interesting Obligation, which was over twice the length of our Obligation.

Thanks to Derek Harrington for bringing along some of the props – the burning bush and the river of blood.
Everyone agreed that it was a very interesting and informative lecture which led to a lively discussion afterwards.

After the Chapter was closed the Companions of Lovekyn Chantry Chapter and their guests sat down to a most convivial festive board.

Article and photograph by E.Comp. Chris Eley, PAGDC, AProvGP