Another Candidate for Rutlish Chapter

In January, the Companions of Rutlish Chapter were pleased to receive E.Comp. Stephen Dingvean, PGStB, Second Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp. Colin Jones, PAGSoj, Past Third Provincial Grand Principal, an honorary member of the Chapter, and a number of Provincial Officers. Acting at Third Principal was E.Comp. Chris Eley, PGStB, an honorary member of the Chapter.

After the Chapter was opened, the Escorting Officer, E.Comp. Nigel Feltham, ProvAGDC, entered and advised the MEZ, E.Comp. Andy Gibbs, that the Second Provincial Grand Principal, was in the anti-room and demanded admission to the Chapter. The Second Provincial Grand Principal entered to spontaneous applause, was greeted by the MEZ, accepted the Sceptre and took his seat in the First Principal’s Chair.

E.Comp. Stephen said how much he was looking forward to his visit to the Rutlish Chapter, after which he introduced the Provincial Officers present. After taking and signing the minutes he invited the MEZ to resume the First Principal’s Chair.

A ballot for Exaltation was taken for W.Bro. Matthew Wood, a member of Rutlish Lodge No 4416, which proved in his favour. The MEZ, E.Comp. Andy Gibbs, conducted the first part of the ceremony and then invited E.Comp. Chris Eley to conduct the second part.

South Surrey First Principals Chapter

The signs were explained by E.Comps. Richard Goodwin, PPGSN, and Edward Guyver, PGStB, and the Mystical Lecture was given in a most sincere manner by E.Comp. Reg Leary, PPGSN.

Comp. Matthew was welcomed into the Chapter by E.Comps. Chris and Andy, and into the Province by E.Comp. Stephen Dingvean.

South Surrey First Principals Chapter

The next item on the agenda was to elect the Principals for the ensuing year. As M.E.Z., E.Comp. Andy Gibbs; as ‘H’, E.Comp. John Engall; and as ‘J’, E.Comp. Martin Parrott.

The Second Provincial Grand Principal was invited to present Supreme Grand Chapter Certificates to Companions Jonathan Kemp and Paul Verlander, which he did in his very special way.

South Surrey First Principals Chapter

The Chapter then congratulated E.Comp. Andy Gibbs on his forthcoming first appointment to Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Afterwards, the Companions of Rutlish Chapter and their guests sat down to a most convivial festive board at the Sutton Masonic Hall.

Article and photograph by Chris Eley

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