E.Comp Bryan Page celebrates his 50th anniversary

At the convocation of Progress Chapter No 1768, held on the 16th February 2018, E.Comp Eugene Regan 3rd Provincial Grand Principal presented E.Comp Bryan Page with his 50th Certificate.

E.Comp Bryan Page celebrates his 50th anniversary

Bryan was born in Basingstoke on the 14th February 1932; St Valentine’s Day, and was educated at Peter Symons College in Winchester. Married to Joan in 1966 at Southgate, London, they celebrated 52 years of marriage this year and have a daughter.

In his professional life he was a Chartered librarian working in Winchester Library and later joined the Royal Borough of Kingston Libraries Department.

After he retired, he secured a position as a Deputy Librarian and Curator at United Grand Lodge where his skills were fully appreciated.

He became a Wandsman, sometimes nicknamed ‘Gods Bouncers’ at St Pauls Cathedral; these are a special group of sixty men and women who act as Ushers for the Sunday services as well as for the many ceremonial and special services at St Pauls. Exalted into Gastvrijheid Chapter on the 28th February 1968, Gastvrijheid means hospitality in Dutch. He was elected an honorary member in 2011.

The Chapter is attached to Gastvrijheid Lodge which was set up in 1915 in Groningen in the Netherlands by interned members of the First Royal Navy Brigade under a Dutch Warrant and then transferred to UGLE under its present number.

He has Grand Rank in Royal Arch, his first appointment was Grand Standard Bearer, an active appointment and promoted to PAGSoj in 2003 and has Grand Rank in the Craft, PJGD, Bryan also holds Grand Rank in many other orders.

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