An Official Visit to Chipstead Chapter

In April, the Companions of Chipstead Chapter were honoured by a visit from the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Alan Bayliss, PAGSwdB. On this occasion his Escorting Officer was E.Comp. Tim Ford, PProvGStdB, a member of the Chapter.

Due to a change of date many members of the Chapter were unable to attend so the three Principals and the Principal Sojourner roles were undertaken by guests of the Chapter.

After the Chapter was opened, the Escorting Officer entered and advised the MEZ that the Deputy Grand Superintendent was in the anti-room and demanded admission to the Chapter. The Deputy Grand Superintendent entered to spontaneous applause, was greeted by the acting MEZ, E.Comp. Chris Eley, PGStB, PAProvGP, accepted the Sceptre and took his seat in the First Principal’s Chair.

E.Comp. Alan Bayliss said how much he was looking forward to the Convocation, after which he introduced the Acting Provincial Officers present. After taking and signing the minutes he invited the MEZ to resume the First Principal’s Chair.

A ballot for Exaltation was taken for Bro. Wayne Lucas a member of Arnold Lodge No 1981, which proved in his favour. Bro. Wayne was exalted into the Supreme Degree of the Holy Royal Arch by E.Comp. Chris Eley, assisted by Wayne’s good friend E.Comp. Michael White who acted as Second Principal. E.Comp. Gordon Hamilton acted as Principal Sojourner in an excellent manner.

An Official Visit to Chipstead Chapter

The signs were explained by E.Comp. Tim Ford, the Symbolical Lecture was given by E.Comp. Dan Turner, PPGReg, and the Mystical Lecture was given by E.Comp. Tim Ford.

The Charity Steward, E.Comp. Frank Lee, PPGSN, then presented the Deputy Grand Superintendent with a cheque for £900, which was gratefully received. The Deputy Grand Superintendent said how much the Province appreciated the support of Chipstead Chapter and had much pleasure in presenting a 2019 RMBI Festival Gold Award to E.Comp. Frank.

An Official Visit to Chipstead Chapter

After the Chapter was closed the Companions of Chipstead Chapter and their guests sat down to a splendid festive board at the Croydon Masonic Hall.

Article and photograph by Chris Eley

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